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Welcome to the community-driven official guide to High Fidelity

High Fidelity is open-source software allowing you to create, host, and explore VR environments. It is currently in open beta. Latest binary downloads are available for Windows and Mac at, and other platforms such as Linux can be compiled from source code at Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Desktop (non-HMD) use are supported, as well as a growing list of plugins for other input devices, such as Leap Motion or Kinect. The documentation on this wiki will help you begin using High Fidelity. Get started with the links below or use the search if you're looking for something specific. Edits and additions to these docs are very welcome.


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Learn how to visit and explore High Fidelity virtual worlds.


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Learn how to import and edit 3D content in High Fidelity. FBX, OBJ formats supported for avatars and models. JavaScript is used for creating interactive objects and scripting.


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Deploy a server to host your own High Fidelity virtual world.

Meet the team

Are you looking to meet with High Fidelity staff in person at a conference or socialize with other users in virtual events? Check the High Fidelity Event Calendar to see what's going on.