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System Requirements
Install Interface
Explore Virtual Worlds

Interface is the client through which users experience VR. Interface renders the objects you see, plays audio, applies physics, and tracks your location in the world. Interface also inter-operates with the Oculus or Vive API (depending on your choice of HMD), to allow you use hand controllers to interact with objects in the VR environment. In order to explore High Fidelity content, users only need to have Interface installed.

Install Interface

The High Fidelity software download contains the following two components:

  • Interface - the client application used to view and navigate High Fidelity worlds
  • Sandbox - the application used to manage a High Fidelity domain

By default both Interface and Sandbox are installed. During installation, you can deselect Sandbox and only install Interface if you want; however, if you plan to run your own domain in addition to exploring virtual worlds created by others, installing both now will save time later.

After ensuring that you meet the System Requirements:

  1. Download the latest build of the High Fidelity software from the Downloads page.
  2. To install, simply run the installer and follow the instructions on screen.
The Windows installer "Choose Components" Panel.

Once installed, you can find High Fidelity applications in your Start Menu (Windows) or in your Applications folder (OS X), usually in a High Fidelity subfolder.

Next Steps

  • Explore! With Interface installed you can begin exploring virtual worlds created with High Fidelity. To learn more about how to use Interface, see how you can Visit Virtual Worlds.
  • Visit our Forums There's always plenty to learn from other active players. Come and join our community on the High Fidelity forums.
  • Get a High Fidelity Account While you can launch Interface and begin exploring without a High Fidelity account, you can see and do much more with an account.
If you don't already have an account, Sign Up Now.