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A High Fidelity environment is designed to be a shared experience. If you have a High Fidelity Account and you are logged in, you can see and be seen by other users online. If you see that a friend is online, you can use Interface navigation to go directly to that person.

See Who is Online

To see who is online, click Users on your toolbar or tablet.

The Users button.

After doing so, the Users Online screen should appear.

Users online.png

Control Visibility

By default, anyone who wants to be visible to everyone is visible to you. You, however, by default, are only visible to friends. If you have not created a friends list, you will not be visible to anyone. You can change who can see you and who you see by creating a friends list and then setting filtering and visibility options.

Create a Friends List

To create a friends list, select the Friends tab and click the Add/Remove Friends button. In the Add/Remove Friends panel that appears, enter a user's High Fidelity user ID and click Add friend to add them as a friend.


To remove someone, simply click on their user ID in the friends list.

Filter Who You Can See

To filter who you see in the users online panel, from the Show Me pull down, select one of the following:

  • everyone: Show everyone online
  • friends: Show only the users in your friends list

Change Your Visibility Settings

To change your visibility settings, from the Visible to pulldown, select one of the following:

  • everyone: Appear in everyone's users online panel
  • only friends: Appear in only the users online panel of those in your friends list
  • no one: Do not appear in anyone's users online panel

Go Directly to a Friend

If a friend is online, you can go directly to where they are using the navigation bar. Simply press the Enter key or select Navigate > Show Address Bar to access the navigation bar and then enter the user's High Fidelity ID preceded by an @ sign.